Used - Graphtec FC7000-160 Mk2
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Graphtec fc7000

Used Graphtec FC7000-160 MK2 - Cash on Collection, not available via our website

The most advanced and sophisticated multi-functional cutting plotter technology for plotting, cutting and pouncing applications is available in 30", 54" and 64" widths, with maximum compatible media widths of 36", 48", 60", and 72" respectively. The FC7000 series is ideal for anyone involved in post digital imaging processes such as die/contour cutting.
High quality results demand the highest-quality product available. Efficient, durable, and amazingly accurate, the new FC7000 series goes beyond any cutter currently on the market in terms of value and return on your investment. We've upgraded this series significantly from its popular FC5100A predecessor, while still providing our customers with competitive pricing.
The new FC7000 series includes more benefits to users than ever before. All models now include a standard floor stand and feature an advanced automatic registration mark sensor system for contour cutting printed images. We've increased our cutting speeds to help users reduce their project turn-around time. Sign makers, auto-aftermarket professionals, graphic artists, and other users can take on a wider range of projects thanks to increased cutting force for processing thicker, harder materials like sandblast or diamond grade reflective films. We've also built the new FC-series wider, increasing the maximum loadable material width to particularly benefit those operating a print and cut system, where the printer width might normally exceed the cutter width. The new FC7000 series comes in 4 model sizes of 30", 42", 54", 64" and accepts material widths of up to 36", 48", 60", and 72" for each model, respectively. In addition, a wealth of new features have been added for increased productivity, versatility, and ease-of-use. The FC7000 is the only logical choice for those seeking a professional-level cutting system designed for speed, versatility, and ultimate precision
The Advanced Auto-registration mark sensor is included as a standard feature for all FC7000 models.
The RMS system detects the registration marks printed alongside digitally produced images to automatically align preprinted images to the internal coordinate system and even compensate for material expansion/contraction. The RMS system's user interface has also been enhanced, making it extremely user-friendly and accurate. These intelligent features assure users of unsurpassed accuracy and consistently reliable operation for the most intricate die/contour cutting applications.
Improved cutting/plotting quality and prolonged tool life are just a few of the outstanding standard features you can expect from the FC7000 series, made possible by the innovative Tool Soft Landing Intelligence. The Graphtec proprietary closed-loop servo actuator, with an integrated precision sensor, ensures quick, precise, yet gentle tool contact with the material surface during up and down motions. In addition to superior and accurate output, the Soft Landing feature prolongs the life of the cutting/plotting tool and maximizes throughput performance.
The innovative Tool Soft Landing Intelligence provides not only consistent and optimum cutting quality throughout the job, but also the benefit of cost-saving tool maintenance. 
Featuring maximum programmable cutting speeds of 58.5 ips, 4.0G maximum acceleration and 20 to 600g cutting force, the FC7000 series accommodates the most demanding cutting and plotting projects, while providing users with the versatility they need for a wide variety of applications.
With the world's fastest throughput performance and superb accuracy, the new FC7000 performs highly intricate cutting as small as 1/16" high text on vinyl. The innovative technology incorporated in this series helps users accomplish numerous applications in a limited timeframe, thereby increasing their overall profit.
The new, more effective media supply mechanism assists users when loading and aligning the media accurately, also ensuring accurate tracking with long-length runs. This feature also prevents media from accidentally feeding out of the roll during a cutting operation, saving operator frustration and increasing overall productivity.

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Used - Graphtec FC7000-160 Mk2

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